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Motorcycle Detailing

Motorcycle Detailing

The UK's Leading Specialist Motorcycle Detailer

We offer a variety of services on motorcycles of all makes and models. As a passionate motorcyclist and Harley Davidson and Hayabusa owner our director, Matt has a particular liking for motorcycle projects. We at MAC Detailing pride ourselves on being one of the most experienced and renowned motorcycle detailing companies in the UK.

Our team can offer deep cleaning & paint correction to any motorbike. We also apply ceramic coating to the bodywork, wheels, engines and dashboards of motorcycles. The motorcycle ceramic coatings we apply also acts as a corrosion inhibitor.

Why Ceramic Coat Your Motorcycle?

The ceramic coating we use offers a great boost in durability for all motorcycles. The coating we use similarly offers anti-corrosion features to the body of the bike. We use an extremely hydrophobic ceramic coating that is suitable for matte or gloss paint. This offers heat resistance of temperatures over 750ºC and is applied by hand and airbrush for complete coverage. Our ceramic coating ensures the bike stays in top condition even in the most adverse weather conditions.

Our Specalist Services Include:

Deep Clean & Machine Polishing
Paint Correction
Ceramic Coating - Body, Wheels, Engines, Dashboard, Plastics
Corrosion Inhibitor Applied To All Metal Parts
Pre-Sale Detailing
New Bike Protection
You're In Safe Hands

Why Choose MAC Detailing

With many years of experience under our belt, our services are well-known nationwide. 

We receive a large number of bikes and cars that come from clubs and groups across the country and, as a family-owned business, we understand the importance of providing our customers with a feeling of warmth and welcome. 

We work on almost any brand of vehicle and treat each job as a challenge we will overcome. We always fulfil our promises so we inspect all vehicles before giving a quote as every individual vehicle arrives in a different condition.
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Only the Best

Proudly Using Coating Farm Ceramics Products

Using only the best ceramic coatings, we're supplied by Coating Farm Ceramics. We're a registered and accredited Coating Farm Ceramics Franchise and Training Centre.
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